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Hi, SPACE VACATION listeners. I like to know how musical projects are created, so it occurred to me that you might be interested in how this album came about.
I wrote the music, lyrics and the book of the show. I then orchestrated and played every note you hear using Logic Pro software in my tiny home recording studio. All instrument sounds were played through a piano-like keyboard into my computer. This took many months.  Once all 22 tracks were completed, I contacted my old friend Chip Fabrizi at PPI studios in New York City. Chip was adept at working out a method of transferring my uptown Logic Pro files into his Pro Tools software in his downtown studio. Then I advertised for actors online and over a period of weeks vetted nearly 300 actors. I listened to their submitted audio files, videos, and I read their resumes. Lauren had just moved to NYC from Oklahoma, Nick is from the tri-state area, Keegan's mom brought him into town from Alabama to record the show, and Lucia flew from Barbados to New York to sing with us. They are all extremely talented, great to work with, and they came up not only with great characters in their singing of the four lead family members, but also many other voices and characters that are scattered through out the songs. When you hear the dialogue sections, it may interest you to know that none of the four actors ever met or sang on the same day. It's all about timing! Chip also made studio magic to fine tune these dialog sections so that they sound natural. Finally, the black and white SPACE VACATION logo was created by my brother, Bob Segal, and the color animation artwork was created by well, honestly, I don't remember who. But you'll be glad to know that they got paid (it was a long time ago in another galaxy). -Jonathan

Cast-tronauts & Credits

Chip studio_edited.png

Keegan Gulledge as Haon

Lucia Long as illoh

Nick Gaswirth as Ynnoj

Chip Fabrizi (at right) Recording Engineer

Lauren Reece as Lorac

The original tracks were mixed at my home studio. The vocals were recorded at PPI Studios, New York, by Chip Fabrizi. He also worked endless studio magic on my mixes that I didn't think could be done. Chip also mastered the final tracks for inter-planetary consumption. Please consume them.

Who's Singing which songs?

Act One

 1) Overture- Hmmm, nobody's singing.

 2) Opening-Bright Yellow Planet- Everybody = cast of 4

 3) I Always Wonder- Keegan, and speaking, Lucia

 4) The Universe Is Like A Song- Everybody

 5) Oh, P.S. Eleventy-Two- Nick, Lucia, Keegan

 6) We're On The Road To A Cosmic Adventure- Everybody

 7) One-Hundred Quarks- Everybody

 8) Bright Yellow Planet, 1st Reprise- Everybody

 9) When Your Father And I First Met- Lauren, Nick,

      and speaking, Keegan and Lucia

10) I'm Gonna Meet Myself Grown up!- Keegan

11) We're Eating Ourselves Out Of House And Home-

      Nick. Just Nick. Really.

12) Attack Of The Space Notes- Everybody

Act Two

13) Sing A Song Of Shopping- Everybody, plus

      whistling- Jonathan Segal & "Wooo!" by Carol          Segal

14) The Shnobafeefuch Family Singers- Nick and               Lucia, and a speck of Jonathan

15) This Boy Is So Smart- Nick

16) Once There Was A Little Girl- Lauren and Nick,           and speaking, Lucia

17) Siblings- Everybody

18) Everything Seems To Be Well - Everybody

19) Bright Yellow Planet, 2nd Reprise- Everybody

20) Oh, P.S. Eleventy-Two, Reprise- Lucia, Keegan

21) We're On The Road To A Cosmic Adventure,              Reprise

22) The Universe Is Like A Song, Reprise- Everybody


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